We have most everything you need:

Kitchen – all cooking basics, including butter & oils.

Coffee supplies – most anything you need to make good coffee. (All things coffee here)

Bathrooms – towels, wash cloths, toiletries (including shampoo and conditioner), even q-tips and tooth flossers.

Bedrooms – bedding, extra blankets and pillows are all there!

In the Fridge – bottles of water, coke and half and half. 

Pantry – small bags of chips, chocolate, and baking supplies. You’re welcome to eat snacks you find, but I would not recommend goldfish (Trinity likes to dump them on the floor).

Wifi – the password will be in your confirmation email.

Additional Appliances:
– Waffle iron 
– Hand mixer 
– Single serving blender 
– Toaster

Four simple things:

  1. Take the trash out to the outdoor trashcan. Anything that’s gross, if it’s a little bit of paper, just leave it.
  2. Put all dishes in the dishwasher and run it, no need to unload it.
  3. Change the sheets that were used, there are clean ones in the linen closets. Dark gray = queen. Light gray = bunks. 
  4. Place the dirty sheets and towels in the washer, if you have time to run the washer AND dryer please do. If not, just leave it dirty in the washer. 
Since we don’t currently pay anyone to clean, just Noelle, anything helps! We also don’t want you to stress about it being perfect!

If you forgot it, chances are we have it:

Charging cords – drawer above trashcans in the kitchen.
Toothbrush – brand new ones are in each of the bathrooms.

We ask that no pets come. Partially because it helps keep the place clean, but also our son is super allergic to dogs and pet dander can cause him to not feel well.

There is a whole page dedicated to all things coffee, here you can learn how to use each appliance as well as recipes for the coffee supplies we have there.  

In addition we have put this information on the inside door of the coffee cup cupboard.

It’s 13 acres.  Basically there is a ravine one side, a ravine on the other and a long (100 foot drop) to the Grand River.  If you don’t pass any of those you are on our property. You will see a permanent tent that our friends, the Yokums, own in the back of the property. 

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Broom & swiffer is in the hall closet closest to the bathroom.
General cleaning supplies are under the kitchen sink.
If you need a regular vacuum it is in the wooded room closet.


Since we have small kids, we have several things already in place for them.

  • There are bumpers for the bottom bunks since there’s a little bit of space between the bed and the wall. And because Trinity fell once, whoops.
    • These are located in the space between the bunk bed and the wall
  • There is a video monitor in each room with bunks. It has a camera and a monitor that can be plugged in,
    • They are located in the  night stand drawer.
  • We have a high chair and a booster seat.
  • We have a few small bins of toys and legos in the blue room closet.